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The Logbook

19.4.2008 - 20.4.2008 Mazzaron - Ibiza | Distance 410 nm

Set sails at 11.30 with little wind becoming force 6-7 within minutes. Full ahead direction Ibiza and at 22.00 we cross the imaginary Greenwich line, now its longitude east and no longer west.

In the dawn we see Formentera and with a force 7 we pass the narrow between the islands call ...

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17.4.2008 - 18.4.2008 Barbarte - Mazzaron | Distance 60 nm

Finally the wind has turned the right direction and we continue along a mile log fisher net direction Africa, then turning east only to hear from Tarifa radio, that there is a gun exercise and we are not allowed to continue in the costal waters. Luckily after one hour the exercise was called off ...

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11.4.2008 - 14.4.2008 Viano do Castello - Villa Moura - Barbarte | Distance 470 nm

In the last couple of days there was a storm and we can only now continue our trip with pleasant weather, sun and 3-5 Beaufort from NNE.

Next day we have wind 3-5 NNE, Gennaker sailing at its best.
We sail along Lissabon and then into Vila Moura to pick up our first guest, Benedi ...

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6.4.2008 -7.4.2008 La Coruna - Viana do Castello | Distance 115 nm

Fill up the oxygen bottle at the diver’s station with the friendly people and down goes Jo to clear the prop with the bread knife. That takes time; those plastic ropes get hot and virtually welded around the shaft. 15.00 we take off . The barometer falls quickly, the weather chart from Northwo ...

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3.4.2008 - 5.4.2008 Les Sables - La Coruna | Distance 360 nm

On the third of April 2008 we are finally ready to start. After numerous problems had been rectified and the boat completely equipped she is seaworthy, so we do hope and at 14.00 we set sails. The left engine smokes white and we return and call old Olivier, rep of the yard, who gets on board an ...

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