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The Logbook

30.6. - 2.7.2008 Sardinien/Porto Cervo - Villefranche | Distance 195nm

We sail from Porto Cervo to Villefranche and in the afternoon finally the first fish bites, gets killed properly and pan fried - delicious.

In the evening we drop anchor in Port Pianotolli on Corse the next morning is once more windless and we motor to Villefranche and drop anchor Jul ...

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18.6. - 21.6.2008 Mallorca/Andratx - Sardinien/PortoCervo | Distance 378 nm

We leave Andratx in the morning and set sails for Sardegna. Motoring at night sailing at daytime and the magic moment when we go through the narrow of the Isola Asinara at midnight with a full moon, where you can even see the shallow sandy ground in the moonlight. The 21st we anchor safely in th ...

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9.6.2008 - 12.6.2008 Antibes - Mallorca/Andraxt | Distance 340 nm

Antibes to Mallorca in 65 hours, a mix of mostly no wind and lots of motoring.
The 9th we have covered 2000 nautical miles and the 12th we throw anchor in Port Andtrax.

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5.6.2008 Villefranche - Antibes | Distance 11 nm

Villefranche Antibes in a couple of hours and after a tour through this biggest yacht harbor in the Med and some filming from the mast top we anchor in front of the old tomorrow the Voiles d`Antibes takes off.

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26.5.2008 Monaco/Cap D’Ail - Villefranche | Distance 7 nm

Sailing with an easterly force 7 we arrive in the beautiful bay of Villefranche. Full with ships but we manage to find a place. Heavy Rafales, squalls, make secure anchoring a must and lots of chains are necessary to keep the boat and anchor from wandering.

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