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The Logbook

24.8. - 25.8.2008 Port Andratx - Mahon/Menorca | Distance100 nm

The 24th we weigh anchor and set sails direction Cap Formentor with the right winds. In the evening again calm winds and we motor through the night, rounding Cap Formentor at midnight. Arrival in Mahon the next morning. Harbor cruise to follow and then we attach lines at a mooring buoy in this m ...

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5.8. - 8.8.2008 St. Tropez - Mallorca/Port Andratx | Distance 290 nm

From St. Trop we sail with a nice Easterly direction Mallorca. Soon the wind turns and we get a steep sea. We give up at the Illes de Porquerrolles and drop anchor for the night. Next morning refueling - you never know in the Med. about the winds - and into theGulf of Lion - with a calm, motorin ...

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20.7. - 24.7.2008 Olbia - St. Tropez | Distance 215 nm

In the morning we weigh anchor, before weh ad to leave the pier to make space for a warshiplike yacht PlanB with helicopter. We prefer anchoring anyway.

Withn a nice force 5-6 we sail to Port Massimo on La Maddallena and drop anchor at 17.00. The small port is rather deserted and I as ...

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10.7. - 17.7.2008 Villefranche - Olbia | Distance 210 nm

10th of July we sail to Antibes and 14th to Corse and the anchor drops in Propriano. Nice village, very nice people, cosy atmosphere.

16th we anhor in Porto Cervo and the next morning harbourmaster quite friendly comes to tell us, that we have either to leave or use the new mooring bu ...

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30.6. - 2.7.2008 Sardinien/Porto Cervo - Villefranche | Distance 195nm

We sail from Porto Cervo to Villefranche and in the afternoon finally the first fish bites, gets killed properly and pan fried - delicious.

In the evening we drop anchor in Port Pianotolli on Corse the next morning is once more windless and we motor to Villefranche and drop anchor Jul ...

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